Fully Managed IT Services

Security-Focused. Professional. Transparent. Customized for You.

Managed IT is not about picking & choosing individual services – it’s about understanding the level of support your business needs. Partnering with Silver Eagle Tech means you work with a senior consulting engineer to create a tailor-made service package for your company.

Benefits of a Custom Managed IT Plan

Consolidated IT Costs

Businesses don’t need every IT service and add-on under the sun. An IT consultant will conduct an in-depth analysis of your company to implement the exact services you need – for a flat, justifiable monthly fee.

Secure Business Environment

Security risks should never be handled in hindsight – they need to be the focus of IT plans. A managed services provider monitors your IT infrastructure around-the-clock to spot and counter warning signs long before issues arise.

Minimal Downtime

Waiting for a technician to show up and fix IT failures can take hours out of your precious workday. With a managed services plan, you’ve got experts working proactively to make sure failures don’t happen in the first place.

Managed IT Services

We’ve got you covered from top to bottom.

At Keestack, we don’t benefit from pushing unnecessary services or aggressive upsells. Our success is tied directly to the ROI of your managed services plan. That’s why our consultants examine your business model under a microscope to develop an IT package that works for you – and only you.

What You Get:

Managed Security Solutions

Get the peace of mind you deserve.

IT security is not a flashy add-on in a managed services plan, it’s a core necessity in today’s business world. Security is the foundation of everything we do at Silver Eagle Tech. Whether it’s managing real-time network vulnerabilities, compliance, or implementing safe protocols, our risk advisors make sure every aspect of your IT infrastructure is covered – no exceptions.

What You Get:

Strategic Consulting

Set yourself up for success today and tomorrow.

Understanding what you need – and why – in an IT setup isn’t a quick task for a spare afternoon. A Silver Eagle Tech consultant offers both technology and business expertise in solving your company’s inefficiencies. Your IT infrastructure should fit your business like a glove, and we’re here to make it happen.

What You Get:

Cloud Computing

Run your business in a custom-built cloud environment.

The cloud might sound like the end-all-be-all solution for businesses – but some things are better left onsite. Proper cloud augmentation requires an in-depth analysis of your business to determine what should stay local and what belongs offsite. Silver Eagle Tech will formulate your ideal hybrid cloud environment and set you up for long term success.

What You Get:

Data Backup & Recovery

Navigate disasters with foresight, not hindsight.

Businesses should never live in fear of an IT disaster. Your data is your livelihood – you deserve a secure, foolproof plan for reliable backups and quick recovery. When you work with Silver Eagle Tech, our experts will formulate a strategy to turn potential business meltdowns into minor hiccups (at worst).

What You Get:

24/7 Help Desk

Stop playing the waiting game with IT questions.

When concerns with business technology arise, you need answers now – not in a few hours, not tomorrow. Silver Eagle Tech is on-call all day, all night, year-round to make sure you’re never left in the dark. No matter what life throws at your company, we’re here for you.

What You Get:

VOIP Services

Stop depending on outdated phone systems.

Today’s customers are not confined to 9-5 workdays. Businesses should never miss out on sales opportunities because they don’t have the functionality to field calls. Silver Eagle Tech will set your team up with a state-of-the-art Voice over IP (VOIP) system so you can field important calls whenever, wherever, on whichever device.

What You Get:

How We Work

We didn’t build our reputation in the New York/New Jersey business community by scraping pocketbooks and providing cookie-cutter solutions. Our process is designed to give clients the custom, security-focused IT infrastructure they need to see tangible results.

Here’s how we do it:

Step 1


We need to learn about your business values, tech goals, and what makes your organization tick

Step 2


Our experts examine your business to spot inefficiencies, challenges, and opportunities to grow.
Step 3


We’ll formulate an IT strategy to make your workplace more productive and profitable.
Step 4


Keestack will turn the IT plan into action as we guide your company to a smarter future.
Step 5


We’ll make sure each employee understands the value of a custom IT infrastructure – and how to use it.
Step 6


Our IT plans are built to adapt and refine with the fast-moving technology landscape.