How to turn off the built-in password manager in Chrome

If you often use the same websites, you’ll notice Chrome asks whether you want it to remember your login details. But if you use an external password manager, saving passwords in both can be confusing and cause conflict. We recommend you turn off Chrome’s built-in

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Discover how small and mid-sized businesses in Rockland, NY can benefit from managed IT services, as well as the top services and qualities to look for in a local provider.

Rockland Managed IT Services: Choosing the Right Provider

Information technology (IT) is a vital resource for most modern businesses. It can help companies run more efficiently, keep up with the competition, and grow – that is when it’s appropriately managed. On the other hand, neglected or out-of-date IT systems can cause significant problems

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What is multi-factor authentication?

You’ve probably heard of multi-factor authentication – or MFA. But what exactly is it? MFA is where you must use a second device to prove it’s really you logging in. Perhaps it’s a code texted to your phone. Or a link emailed to you. Most

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