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Keestack is an all-in-one IT solutions service for small to medium-sized businesses, helping them troubleshoot and make their existing IT more efficient with superior decision making, backup planning, disaster recovery, security improvement, ongoing help desk support, and much more.

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“Traditional Tech Support” Is Costing Your Business Time And Money

When you find an IT technician in your local area or via Google search, you’ll quickly find (if you haven’t already):

They’re more expensive than you ever budgeted for

An IT support technician can be extremely expensive for a business, usually charging a retainer and set-up fee – even if the problem is minor. Normally they’re charging you by the hour, working behind closed doors with you really having no idea what’s actually being done… until your jaw drops from the invoice that was 3-10x the amount you expected.

There’s long wait times to fix simple problems

Sometimes you need an issue fixed fast, especially when your employees rely on the systems and software that run your organization to do their job. With each minute ticking by, you’re potentially losing out on thousands of dollars with employee productivity dropping substantially. The last thing you need is an incompetent IT support tech dragging things on longer than they need to.

The Same Problems They “Claimed” Were Fixed Just Keep Reoccurring

There is nothing more frustrating than relying on someone to fix the problem the first time, only for it to happen again. It’s not just about the time and money wasted of the technician returning to fix the issues yet again, it’s the opportunity cost of the money you could be making and services you could be providing. Having faith in someone that can’t deliver on their promises is a losing battle that always ends in headaches and frustration.
Adopt The “New IT Support” Model & Never Look Back

The Keestack Difference


When you jump onto the “New IT Support” model, you’ll see how just how seamless it is to be brought from a place of confusion to peace of mind with true professionals by your side that want to see your business thrive.

Typically, it starts with a business having issues with one sole tech issue (i.e.: Wi-Fi connection troubles) and they give us a call. When we arrive, not only do we see that their Wi-Fi connection is not working, but their whole server platform is at a significant risk of being hacked/breached with ransomware. This is a much bigger issue of what was initially a “minor” problem.


With this in mind, we use our expertise to give honest feedback of what technological changes we recommend can be adopted in their organization (done-for-you or otherwise). Either way, they receive comprehensive feedback on how their employees and company can better thrive with less impedances.

For Keestack, it’s not just about getting your IT issues fixed, it’s about knowing that you have someone that “has your back” as an extension of your team to proactively provide solutions – just a phone call away.


The best part is as a managed service provider, our services are contract based meaning you only need to pay for the services rendered from a team of experts that are masters in each of their domains. Altogether, it’s better service at a fraction of the cost.

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A Set Of World-Class Services To Deliver You Exceptional Results

Here Are A Few Of Our Highlighted Solutions To Help Bring Your Business To The Next Level

How do you know that you network is truly secure? One small loophole could lead to dangerous malware entering your systems, leading to data theft and permanent damage. That’s where we come in to install multi-layered protection so you can ensure this problem never happens.
For many organizations, it’s not a matter of how their technology will fail, but when. And when that time comes, having your data backed-up will ensure you don’t lose everything and be forced to start from scratch.
We provide all services remotely so you can get your issues resolved instantly. No more waiting days for immediate issues to be fixed that are costing your business thousands. Instead, have it resolved now.
From single computer to complete company-wide network problems, we provide IT support to that a custom tailored to your organization’s exact pain points.

Your Partner On The Path To Providing “Technical Confidence”

While you’ve been focusing on trying to build your business, it’s likely you’ve neglected the right technological framework needed to keep everything running securely. Why would you need to? The business is growing, revenues are increasing, employees are producing results – what could go wrong?

As many business owners who have neglected the technological side of their business will tell you, it’s when you put something “under the rug” that it will come back to bite you in the future. In their case, their data becomes compromised, an employee gets a hold of the sensitive data and knowingly or unknowingly exposes it to the dark web (by downloading unsafe software or hardware), ransomware sneaks in, a natural disaster occurs, the list goes on. If bad enough, it could wipe your business out entirely or take you years to recover.

And the truth is, it never really seems like an issue until you are the one that’s impacted by it. The key then is to not just prevent a situation like this from happening, but to minimize your risk and the negative impact (if and when it does) – also known as your “IT insurance policy”.

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